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"Hands-down: the only thing that best prepared me for all the twists and turns was Nick Demos. I know that sounds like a weighted testimony but it’s the absolute truth. 39 weeks later in a pandemic, global recession, lost jobs, lost income, lost sense of normalcy, and even more social divide than ever, my life couldn’t be better. I’m working from home exclusively, I’m in the best health in years, I’m taking care of me finally and I have an authentic business generating income while I sleep. I owe that to the guidance and care of Nick Demos. The one thing that I kept consistent for myself: my development. "

DEI and HR Expert

"Nick Demos is a gifted soul. He turns his mind and heart fruitfully in myriad directions. Deeply grounded in spiritual practice, he is an inspirational leader."

Julia Cameron
Author, The Artist's Way

"Since the course ended, I signed 5 high paying, ghostwriting clients! Thanks to you, I'm going to have a super, super busy summer doing the thing that I love because you helped me shift into the next phase of my career. Thank you for this course!"

Book Writing Coach

Know that you have a story to tell that can make a difference? Maybe you've been sharing stories on social, podcasts, virtual and live events but they just aren't translating to sales.

Nick Demos Media is your story consulting agency that guides you to gain clarity of vision and tell your compelling story.


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