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Illumination Membership

Your Business as a Journey of Self- Actualization

This is a monthly membership for soul-centered, creative entrepreneurs to build and scale their businesses while choosing the path of self-actualization. A content portal provides the blue print for your soul business plus bi-monthly coaching and co-working sessions.

Illumination Membership is for you if:

  🔹You’re ready to do the practice of self- discovery and take aligned action.

🔹 You’re ready to step into the vulnerability of being seen.

🔹 You’re ready to cultivate inner freedom so you can experience it externally right now

🔹 You’re ready to embody the totality of your being in your business

🔹 You’re open to new business strategies but know that intuition is your greatest guide


The Conscious Creator

The Mastery of Manifestation as a Journey of Self-Actualization

This high touch course and coaching program is designed to remove conscious and unconscious blocks so you can manifest consistently and effectively. This is the mastery program for those who are already operating at a high level but are ready to holistically master manifest embodied and fulfilling success.

The Conscious Creator is for you if:

🔹 You’ve already “achieved” a certain level of success but found that external validation unfulfilling.

🔹 You’ve done the basics of inner spiritual work and a ready to ascend to new realms of consciousness

🔹 You’re ready to take aligned action from a heart space of joy and expansion

🔹 You’re ready for inner freedom and to create a legacy of impact

🔹 You’re ready to be a part of a community of creative visionaries and conscious leaders


One to One Mentorship

Your Vision as a Journey of Self-Actualization

Find clarity and maintain a consistent path to attain your unique vision.
SIT WITH NICK is a transcendent one-on -one interactive spiritual and/or business creative mentorship experience. This is the most high touch immersive experience.  Spaces are extremely limited.


"Hands-down: the only thing that best prepared me for all the twists and turns of 2020 was Nick Demos. I know that sounds like a weighted testimony but it’s the absolute truth.  39 weeks later in a pandemic, global recession, lost jobs, lost income, lost sense of normalcy, and even more social divide than ever, my life couldn’t be better. I’m working from home exclusively, I’m in the best health in years, I’m taking care of me finally and I have an authentic business generating income while I sleep. I owe that to the guidance and care of Nick Demos. The one thing that I kept consistent for myself all year: my development. "

Janessa Mondestein
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Expert

"Nick Demos is a highly gifted guide, coach, and teacher. This year, I was fortunate enough to have had Nick speak as a guest expert inside several of my coaching containers, and I was absolutely blown by the mastery he has over his content and the presence of his energy. He creates such a safe space for exploration and expansion. If you get the opportunity to work with him, you will unquestionably leave better."

Jen Casey
Master Brain-Based Coach

Nick is a Tony Award winning producer, documentary filmmaker, coach, speaker and host of The Creative Soulpreneur Podcast. 

With thirty years in the entertainment industry, and nearly twenty years teaching yoga, ancient breath work (pranayama) and creativity he has travelled from the Tony Awards to ashrams and run a multi-million dollar business in between.


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