Soulpreneur: Ready For Your Self-Care Solution?

Be our guest for a week in Conscious Creative Entrepreneurs and receive ancient spiritual techniques, practical tools and trainings, and super fun creativity exercises so you can calm, gain clarity and connect deeply with yourself. This is the self-care solution for the stressed out busy entrepreneur!



  What is Conscious Creatives?


How often do tell yourself that today is going to be different? Today I'm going to take care of myself. I'm going to make it a habit. I'm going to put myself first. However, the kids, your partner, YOUR BUSINESS gets in the way. That habit you intended to create? Is gone.  You need support behind you.

We all know being an entrepreneur can be a roller coaster of emotions. What if it doesn't have to be that way?  What if it can be playful and even fun?!

CONSCIOUS CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS  is a monthly AT YOUR OWN PACE membership program that will offer you proven holistic techniques and practical tools and exercises to lower your stress and anxiety so you can take your business to the next level. You will experience profound realms as you strengthen your intuition, raise your vibration and reach your goals faster and on a deeper, more powerful level. All while you take care of YOU first!


You will receive a dose of...

Meditation and Breath Work Practice

A guided meditation related to the monthly focus with pranayama (breath work) to calm your nervous system and provide emotional clarity so you can tap into your subconscious to make your conscious day flow.

Creativity Techniques

A monthly focus with playful creativity practices designed to open you up and get you producing. Plus, practical creative business tips and tools.

Inspirational Video Library

A massive video library of Nick's inspirational talks, meditations and creativity techniques and years of his business knowledge.


Creative Sadhana- Nick's signature morning practice for the community with built in accountability that is reviewed and shifted on each solstice and equinox.

Exclusive Live- Online Training Events each quarter with bonus modalities, special guests, and more!
Community—Access to our members-only Conscious Creative Entrpreneurs Facebook Group where you can connect with like-minded creatives to share stories, receive support, and ask questions.
DiscountsEarly bird access to all Nick's digital courses, and in-person events.
Accountability-- Delivered right to your mailbox with bonus content, meditations, inspiration, and more.

YOU: Ready to take action!

ME: Here to be your guide.

A little over 10 years ago I was so stressed out from running a multi-million dollar business that I hit burn out. I spent years in an undiagnosed chronic illness in constant physical, emotional and spiritual pain. It wasn't until I found a regular practice and tools that my life began to change and stability occured.

I'm Nick Demos a Tony Award winning producer, award winning filmmaker and inspirational writer who has run multi-million dollar companies AND been teaching yoga (pranayama and meditation) and creativity for well over a decade. I guide creative soulpreneurs to become more self-aware and self actualized so they can create amazing work that has both massive sales and impact.

TOGETHER: We get you effectively taking care of the SELF so you can produce at an extraordinary level!

"With Nick I grew more than I had in months in other programs. With a sense of self-confidence, and most importantly a deeper sense of play I began booking acting jobs almost immediately, and I haven't stopped booking since!"

Keith H.

"My own personal production, creativity, and ability to be open to change has dramatically increased. I would almost say I'm jaded and didn't think that was possible!"


So, what does it cost?

I’m offering you the opportunity to try  Conscious Creative Entrepreneurs as a gift for a 7 day trial followed by…$29 per month!!!  That is less than a $1 per day!  For the price of one yoga class and a Starbucks, or one movie and unhealthy refreshments you get a month's worth of content, accountability and support!

In this time of reflection and renewal if you’re truly ready to connect to your  yourself and to finally step into the life  and business that your soul has been calling you to…Now’s the time to get started and invest in yourself today!


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