Follow Your Yellow Brick Dharma

inspirational Feb 06, 2020

Are you following your nature and living in right action? Or are you just fighting to be right? Good witch or bad witch?

Not wanting to be perceived as a business person, I desperately clung to the idea that I was the next great Broadway director. I was even offended when a friend told me I was a good director but a brilliant producer. “But, I’m an artist!” I’d proclaim. My ego wouldn’t allow me to be seen as a business person.

I have since learned that business is actually incredibly creative and furthermore, being a creative requires keen business skills. Most importantly, I surrender to my Dharma-divine truth and destiny. I tell stories and help

creative heart-centered entrepreneurs tell theirs. This is my duty; This is my calling.

Are you in alignment? If you didn’t immediately think to yourself, HELL YES then ask yourself what you are resisting. Living your higher purpose happens once you’re out of your own way and it won’t always look the way you think it should. Sometimes hints come in the form of people seeking your council, or you are told you are a natural at something, or you just inherently understand a topic. How does that show up for you?

Now that doesn’t mean because you are good at something you should do it professionally. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either.

Even with a natural inclination you must hone skills. Perhaps you need to deepen your business skills or maybe tap into your creativity and storytelling skills to enhance your passions. Study will enhance your ability to live your Dharma too. It will lead you along your yellow brick road.

For tips, tools, and techniques on both business and storytelling/creativity plus interviews with industry leaders who are living their Dharma, watch my Facebook Live show every Monday this month at 10am PT. This week I interview Dr. Morgana McCabe Allen.

Dr Morgana is a former researcher and panel member of a national research innovation think tank. Her specialty is how our identities and realities emerge from patterns of interaction with material, social, and spiritual constructs.  She's mother to three amazing (NOT SLEEPING) kids, and retired her husband from his 9-5 job early summer 2019.

In her business she brings her years of highly acclaimed, pioneering research and extensive experience coaching to help ambitious, service-based entrepreneurs manifest more impact, joy, time, freedom, (and of course money!) through improving their relationship with themselves and their businesses.

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