editing Jan 04, 2019

Editing a documentary is a tedious, painful, and glorious process. My editor and I have been watching hours upon hours of footage of Invisible.  This is not only my documentary filmmaking debut, but I am also a character in this personal film.  Invisible traces my search for knowledge regarding the little known, often debilitating syndrome called Fibromyalgia. I’ve had the good fortune to interview my mother, meet four other amazing women to chronicle, and investigate the syndrome by speaking with hundreds of patients, experts, and physicians. From all of this incredible information my editor, co-writer, and I are attempting to carve out a cohesive, focused story.

As an artist, I am continually making corrections or changes in my work. When in flow, I allow creative projects to ebb in and out without attachment. When I am not flowing I feel stuck, angry, anxious, and overwhelmed. Ultimately,  I have the opportunity to shape my life by being my own editor. As a multidimensional creative, I try my hand at something that might feel scary because something that I’m currently doing just doesn’t feel right.  It is like one of those “choose your own adventure” books from  childhood. There isn’t one right story; there are only options.

I can even edit how I see life. My personal daily “sadhana” practice guides me to my inner compass. Every morning I practice asana (postures) and sit in meditation to listen to my highest self. When attentive to that guide, the Great Creator, I  bring consciousness to my heart’s desire and knowledge to where it should be edited and focused.

Exercise 1: 

Edit your wardrobe! Take everything out of your closet. If you have not worn something in a year, pull it aside. It will not come back in style. It just won’t!  Then go back to the remaining clothes. If you do not LOVE an article of clothing, get rid of it!

Exercise 2:

De-Clutter your life with the trash bag challenge. Take a single trash bag through your home and fill it with items to give away. If you are questioning an object, ask yourself a most simple question: “Does this bring me joy?” If you hesitate, let it go. You will be surprised by how fast the bag will fill up!

The Good Will or any other reputable charity is happy to take your edits and offer you a tax donation letter in exchange!

Exercise 3:

Now that you have created space in your home, take a trip to that local thrift store or five and dime. Give yourself thirty minutes  and a financial limit (Mine is $20). Scan the store for anything that inspires you. Once you unearth it, transport it home and offer it a special space or place of prominence. Perhaps even write a story, compose a song, or create a piece of art inspired by it.


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