Hey Potato! Get off the couch and into ACTION!

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2019

Are you home plopped on your couch watching that award show and wondering how they did that? You know you have as much talent as anyone up there (maybe even more) yet you are paralyzed with fear and regret.

If you are sitting on the side lines you will always be an aspiring, aka wannabe creative and not a working one.

The people you are viewing share one thing in common. They take massive action. It is through great creative play and even greater risk they reap these rewards.

I know you don’t want be a snarky, unfulfilled shadow creative. So, here are six reasons to take massive action:


1.  Research can only take you so far.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for researching your project, product, and business. Educating yourself on the process, the art, the trends, and the marketing is vital. However, it’s a bit like reading a book on playing the guitar. Sure you can see what fingering the chords look like. But until you pick up the guitar and feel it in your hands and strum a few bars you aren’t actually playing. Too often creatives get stuck in research and development. They become theorists who hide behind being hypercritical of others work as a protection of their own.


2.  It moves you out of negativity and fear.

Complain. Complain. Complain. You are what I call a negaholic. You are addicted to negative thoughts and feelings. Basically you are living in fear of not being enough, not being worthy, not being seen or loved. And while your negaholic brain thinks it is easier to complain and stay safe, it is actually easier to take baby steps to create and share your gifts with the world. And to do so despite your fear.


3.  Failure is growth.

You might fail. That’s right you heard me, you might. But get over that anxiety real quick, because you also might succeed, and failure is your opportunity for the lesson that will cause the greatest growth so you CAN succeed.


4.  It replaces your old habits by creating a new ones.

This old habit of naysaying isn’t working. A repeated pattern of creation and implementation becomes not just a momentary choice but a lifestyle. While it can feel vulnerable, it is vital.  Become not only accustomed to it, crave it.


5.  You improve your health and contentment.

One of the greatest side effects of this work is who it requires you to become. By the mere act of doing you improve your mental, emotional, and even physical health.



6.  You get to serve othersand yourself.

Studies have shown the happiest people are those who are serving others. Your creativity and its potential impact are so important to the world. Someone needs to hear the story you are telling. Their life will be altered by it. You are THAT powerful. But if you don’t get off that couch no one can hear, see, feel - experience the important gifts you have to offer the world. 

And finally, by serving others as all creative professional do, you will then be able to support yourself and your family as a thriving, healthy, and yes even wealthy creative entrepreneur.  And if that won’t get you off your couch, nothing will.


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