It's a SNAP! (no crackle and pop)

Uncategorized Jul 17, 2019

When was the last time you stopped and asked yourself, how do I feel? And why?

As as I mentioned a few weeks ago, feelings are the gateway to the soul. They are your internal guide that offer clues to your deepest desires. Although sometimes overwhelming, they can be your greatest tool as they are subtle thought forms. When you embrace them for what they are there is an opportunity for growth. The key is not to repudiate them. When you deny and push down feelings rather than acknowledge them, you are blocking your path. I get it. You have a desire to feel good. However, it is often when someone is placed in extreme situations like the loss of a family or a great challenge such as loosing a job, they experience deep feelings of rage, shame, and sorrow that true transcendence begins.

As artists it is vital we are conscious of our feelings. It is from this that we create resonate art. As many great actors understand, it isn’t just the big emotions. When we have knowledge of the self in even the tiniest of ways, it provides potency to our creativity. We must learn to tap into these mental states but not wallow. Feel an emotion such as sadness, and rather than resist it, cry. And then let it go. The experience is neither positive or negative. It just is. As we learn equanimity of our feelings we understand their full spectrum. This practice creates a clear channel for divine artistry, and also allows a broader perspective and understanding of the human spirit that we are reflecting.

You can bring emotional presence practices into your every day creative life with some small steps. As some of you know, I say it’s a SNAP.

STOP what you are doing. Take a breath.
NOTICE the sensations in your body. Where are they located?
ASK yourself the big questions. What do I feel? What do I want? What do I need?
PLAY. Find a healthy way to express the feelings. Draw, paint, write, sing, dance. As creative artists we tap into the feelings of the collective energy. Draw on them to express and emulate.


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