Are you ready to shift your vibration and consciously attract abundance in your  business while being in service to others?

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You are the soul-centered entrepreneur who is...

  • Confused as you’ve tried nearly every manifestation technique to exhaustion (the 3:6:9, endless affirmations and vision boards) and yet you are overwhelmed with nothing to show for it? 
  • Unable to attract a rich life of ease and joy as you are continually checking your bank account and are endlessly worried about your finances?
  • Doesn't know how to price your offers? Or, are constantly being told they are too low.
  • Worried you won't be able to support your family let alone travel or afford luxuries?
  • Hitting a brick wall in your business and can't quite seem to reach the next level.
  • Ready to shift all of this and GIVE BACK to the world?!!

THE ONLY workshop WORKING WITH THE ENERGY SYSTEM digging into your inner stories  to help you move out of confusion around manifestation, scarcity, and fear so you can holistically co-create the financial freedom you’ve been dreaming about while being in ALIGNMENT with your soul's purpose.