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You may be suffering from anxiety, stress, or physical issues. Perhaps you have a longing to connect with yourself emotionally and spiritually? I get it.

Rewind to 2007, when I was running a multi million dollar theater company. I was stressed out, burnt out, physically depleted, and creativity blocked. I knew I needed something consistent like a practice to help me. Fortunately, I found an amazing teacher to be my guide.

Over a decade later, I’m still passing that knowledge on to others. I want everyone to experience the amazing effects of a consistent mediation practice.

That is where THE FOUNDATION: MEDITATION 1.0, my 40 day course, comes in…

Why 40 days? That is how long it takes for you to develop a habit….at a cellular level. Every 40 days, your cells regenerate. Those who commit to 40 days are more likely to make meditation a lasting habit.


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