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Free Spirits and Creative Thinkers are Welcome Here!
Give Yourself the Permission to Be the Creative Meditator.

Meditation- Specifically Tailored to YOU.

Do you suffer from anxiety, feel stressed, have a short attention span, memory issues, or chronic pain? Practicing meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce symptoms and help control your health.

Do you think you “should” meditate or have a pre-conceived idea of what it is? There is no one way to meditate, and a spiritual practice doesn’t need to look a certain way.

Drawing upon techniques from the over 2000-year lineage passed to him by his teachers, Nick will help you personalize a unique practice.

This will be augmented with breathing exercises and sustainable methods he has created from years of experience. They are all designed so you can maintain a consistent practice.

One on One Spiritual and Creative Business Coaching
Do you have a creative block and are in need of guidance? Is there a business problem that you seek help in solving?
From his years of experience in both the spiritual and entertainment communities, Nick can assist you.  Utilizing traditional modalities and every day practical advice, he can aid in your success.

You Receive:

1 on 1 sessions
Unlimited email access for questions
Encouragement between sessions
Nick holding you in his personal meditations.

Limited number of spaces available!
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