You may be suffering from anxiety, stress, or physical issues. Perhaps you have a longing to connect with yourself emotionally and spiritually? I get it. Rewind to 2007 when I was running a multi million dollar theater company. I was stressed out, burnt out, physically depleted, and creativity blocked. I knew I needed something consistent like a practice to help me. Fortunately, I found an amazing teacher to be my guide.

Over a decade later I’m still passing that knowledge on. I want everyone to experience the amazing effects of a consistent mediation practice.

That is where THE FOUNDATION: MEDITATION 1.0, my 30 day course, comes in…

Those who commit to 30 days are more likely to make meditation a lasting habit.

What happens in a 30 day consistent meditation practice?

You remove stress from your body and your brain
You feel more energetic
You get better sleep
You boost your immunity
You handle every day stress and anxiety with more ease
You increase your productivity and creativity
You feel more spiritually connected to yourself and others

A meditation practice is scientifically proven to:

Naturally boost many of your body’s chemicals including GABA, Endorphins and Serotonin, while lowering the stress hormone Cortisol, thus making us happier and lowering stress and anxiety levels.

Increase focus and attention and lower ADD and ADHD symptoms.

Increase memory and reverse the again process

Aide in lowering tension and headaches including migraines

Here’s the thing, what you currently feel can lead to serious health issues if not addressed. It can activate Heart Disease, Diabetes, Chronic Pain, IBS, Thyroid issues and Respiratory Disorders.

You probably don’t think you can meditate. My team and I can obliterate the 5 most common misperceptions about a meditation practice.

1. Can’t stop your brain from thinking
You don’t have to stop it! In fact we encourage you to lean into it. You need your brain to function and live the creative life you desire. We simply want to invite more space between the thoughts.

2. Can’t sit still or sit still for that long
You don’t have to sit still. Wiggle away. We even offer mindful movement meditations!

3. Too anxious and don’t know how to begin
Beginning is a decision. We will be there to guide and coach you. You begin with us.

4. Too Busy or can’t maintain a consistent practice
I thought I was too busy too. I was wrong. It actually increased my productivity.
As the Zen proverb says, You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes every day- unless you are too busy , then you should sit for an hour.

5. Tried it before and it wasn’t for you
You haven’t tried The Foundation. Utilizing both traditional and unconventional, creative mindfulness techniques, you will find something that resonates with you!

Don’t take my word for it. Here is what my students say:

“My entire life has changed for the better since I learned to meditate with Nick’s guidance. I was never able to meditate until now”. – Vani Kovitch, actor

“Nick Demos has an uncanny way of unleashing one’s creative self.  Whether through meditation or his well-thought-out exercises, I experienced an artistic reawakening and transformation that was nothing short of cathartic.”
John Patrick Patti, Winged Victory Films

You too can start and maintain a consistent practice!

Here are the course details…


An online course for free spirits and creative thinkers to build a consistent meditation practice.

Section 1:
The history of meditation, the science and benefits, and the tools needed

Section 2:
Cultivating Energetic Breathing:
Instructional pranayama (breath work) videos

Section 3:
Generating a Daily Practice:
Audio guided meditations

Section 4:
Weekly Group Live Meditations
Audio guided and instructional videos

Four interactive online calls for participants only to answer questions with Nick
A weekly Consistency Coach check in from Nick’s team

24/7 Facebook group access with other participants to share knowledge and experience.

Bonuses: Additional Resource materials and fun surprises!
There is no time to start like the present. Get it?! Present. Yup, corny humor in meditation included.