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When you have a daily sadhana (practice) spirituality isn’t a part of your life and your business, it is fully integrated into everything.

No matter what rockstar business strategies you’ve been given if you are out alignment your business (and personal life) will suffer.

With a consistent practice you are no longer dependent on how well your business is doing or not doing. No more CRASH and BURNOUT.  You begin to release unhealthy behaviors, habits, mindset patterns and energy blocks.  You increase your fulfillment and sense of purpose. You tap into your intuition. You become grounded and create stability of mind, body, spirit, and pocketbook. 

But you already have a creative, spiritual business what do you need this for?

Let me ask you: How accountable are you to your practice, really?

Do you start and stop or are you truly consistent?  Are you talking the talk AND walking the walk?  And do you have a community of like minded soulpreneurs who really understand and support you?

The Creative Soulpreneur Membership

Each month you receive motivating content including meditations/ pranayama (breath work), a quarterly live training with Nick and special guests offering modalities including a new sadhana (practice) each equinox and solstice.

These sadhanas are created specifically for the Creative Soulpreneur.

Plus an on demand library of inspirational videos and mp3s and a supportive community of likeminded entrepreneurs.

Monthly Content

Monthly new meditations and breath work practices to ground, tap into your intuition and help your conscious day flow.

On Demand Library

Inspirational and How to Videos on topics from spiritual practices and mindset trainings to creativity and marketing tools. These videos meet you right where you are...when you most need them.

Live Trainings

Nick and special guests offer live trainings to spark your imagination, and offer you new practices and tools to add to your spiritual tool box.

Join the Membership NOW!

Meet Your Guide:

I’m Nick Demos. I’ve travelled from the Tony Awards to Ashrams and run a multi-million dollar business in between… and I felt that way too. For many years my practice was inconsistent.

It wasn’t until I really dug deep and created that stability that my life began to function at the highest level. Not only did my business flourish, but so did all of my relationships.

I have taught yoga, meditation, breath work and creativity/storytelling for over a decade to everyone from Hollywood celebrities to 8 figure CEO’s and I want to share this sense of freedom and joy with you too. Sadhana works. This is why I created The Creative Soulpreneur Membership.

Don’t worry if you are just learning or if you have a long standing practice. The Creative Soulpeneur Membership meets you where you are and offers you a flexible structure. It will give you support both enhancing your current practices and offering new ones.

Its is all curated in one place for you. And to make it easy to say consistent, youll receive a weekly support in the high-vibe facebook community.

This Membership Is For You If...

You are an entrepreneur or creative who struggles with consistency

Are in need of inspiration, new tools, modalities and techniques

Crave an incredibly nurturing support system of likeminded, creative entrepreneurs who are also committed to their growth.

Want to create stability and grounding in your personal life while creatively manifesting your business dreams.

This Membership Is Not For You If...

You aren’t interested in a spiritual practice.

Heather V.

While (the practices) seems subtle and are actually not time consuming, I have found that my own personal productivity, creativity and ability to be open to change has dramatically increased. I would almost say that sometimes I’m jaded and didn’t even think that was possible!

Janessa M.

Hands-down: the only thing that best prepared me for all the twists and turns of 2020 was Nick Demos. I know that sounds like a weighted testimony but it’s the absolute truth. 

39 weeks later in a pandemic, global recession, lost jobs, lost income, lost sense of normalcy, and even more social divide than ever, my life couldn’t be better. I’m working from home exclusively, I’m in the best health in years, I’m taking care of me finally and I have an authentic business generating income while I sleep. I owe that to the guidance and care of Nick Demos. The one thing that I kept consistent for myself all year: my development. 


I came to Nick to help with some creative blocks I was having when teaching. I have seen tremendous growth in the way I tune into myself and am able to work through and overcome challenges. I've earned 11x's what I thought was even possible! Nick has been a guide. Never giving me the answers, but rather showing me ways that bring me to realize them myself. Choosing this path has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

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