Fibro Warriors:

Ready to mange your Fibromyalgia symptoms with a holistic and natural tool that has been utilized for centuries but is just now gaining scientific traction?

If you are feeling stress, anxiety, energetically depleted, overall body ache, or have brain fog , and want to increase your endurance and energy this is for you!


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Does your fibromyalgia feel more overwhelming and challenging than ever? I get it. There is more stimulus coming at you than ever before. Your nervous system may be fired up or even depleted leaving you in discomfort and pain.

My body literally used to vibrate and almost shake 24/7 because I was so overloaded. That’s until I found a way to manage my entire system and my response to what the universe was throwing at me on a daily basis. 

Here's the thing you need to know:

I spent my life as a go getter. I was a Type A- get Sh*t done -kind of person. As a Tony Award winning Broadway producer my life was hectic. Some might have even said crazy! But I lived my life in pain. I tried to ignore it for years.

It wasn’t until I was taught an ancient daily practice that my energy shifted. After many years of study I began teaching. 15 + years later, I’m more grounded and calm but also more creative and energetic. And I have significantly reduced my pain. This is significantly due to my daily ancient breath work practice called pranayama. 

Ancient Breath Work (Pranayama) is the most powerful way to manage your energy and thus control fibromyalgia pain and flairs.

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What the heck is pranayama?

Pranayama  (prana = energy, ayama = extension) is the practice of restraining your energy or breath. When you can control your energy you can control your reactions to outside stimulus and enhance your overall happiness and health.

Most importantly for people living with Fibromyalgia, this invigorating 4000+ year Pranayama practice calms the nervous system.

This simple but profound practice has worked for me and 1000s of my students and can also work for you!


Ancient Breath Work for Fibromyalgia

Do-It-Yourself in your own time and your own pace mini- course. Best of all it is not long! Nor are the practices!

Ancient Breath Work for Fibromyalgia will offer you the theory, techniques and practice you need. You will have a doable personal practice that you can easily execute daily to manage your entire system: mind, body, and spirit.

Less than 5 minutes a day is scientifically proven to show benefits!

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The Video Sessions Include:

✅ Learning the science of breath work so you understand the mechanics of the practice, its incredible benefits, and how they will work for you.

✅ Studying how to practice from the ancient texts so you understand the lineage and how to best utilize it today.

✅ Exploring the basic techniques through guided videos so you don’t have to guess if you are doing it right.

✅ Plus, a Facebook group to keep you motivated and accountable!!

So you may be thinking this sounds amazing. But  how much does this cost?

You can go on the internet and spend hours researching without context or proper coaching and end up with half baked ideas and a lack of lineage based teaching. 

And, you and I both know there are false and fly by night teachers who are making up the "latest and greatest" breath work techniques and they aren’t teaching the traditional and science backed practices. This is your nervous system you are dealing with, so please be careful!

Or, you can make an investment in yourself so you can manage your mind, body and spirit and control your symptoms.

I’m so called to offer this to the Fibro community because it has helped me so greatly.

You can start Ancient Breath Work For Fibromyalgia today for only $77!


ADD the GOLD  Package!

If you want more guidance you have an additional opportunity.

You can work one-on-one with me as well!  I’ll be honest; I’m not cheap. I have spent years in study, investment and teaching.

Not everyone is in the financial position to afford one-on-one sessions which is exactly why I created the DIY course to get the same results with a bit more on your own action at $77.

However, there may be a few of you that want to work one-on-one to enhance your experience. These one- on-ones sessions will fine tune your practice and together we will dig into the questions, stories and beliefs that are coming up during the practice to aid in your success. This is a very personal experience. I have very limited spots available for coaching.

The Packages includes 3 one-to-one sessions with Nick!

The Gold Package investment is: $2997


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 With a strong belief in abundance and the power of this long lineage, I’m willing to take the risk so that you can have peace of mind when you invest.  There is a 14 day money back guarantee. If this isn’t for you cancel within the first 14 days from purchase for a full refund.

 PLUS you'll receive this bonus!

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Guided Meditation for Pain

A meditation MP3 for those days when the pain is strong or overwhelming. 

This calming and intentional guided practice will help move you to a relaxed state of being and acceptance

So Let's Recap!

When you join Ancient Breath Work for Fibromyalgia You'll Receive:            

🟩 3 Module Trainings  $700

🟩 Bonus Meditation $49

🟩 A Community for Accountability and Support  Priceless!

🟩 Total Value $749!

All for only $77!
There is now a choice to be made.
The truth is you can spend a ton of time and energy and find all of this on YouTube. But will you fully integrate? Will you actually do it?
Or, you can start taking back control of your life and managing your pain.
If you want to begin shifting your experience with Fibromyalgia click the button. 👉🏼
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Have a question before enrolling in Ancient Breath Work For Fibromyalgia?


✅ I’ve never practiced this before. Or, I have some experience (like yoga teacher training) Is it still good for me?

     Absolutely. Students that have no experience Basically this program work with you where you are at right now. This is a multi dimensional practice that deepens over time.

✅ This seems overwhelming to me. Can I take my time with this?

     Yes. There is lifetime access to the materials.

✅ I’m overwhelmed with technology. Will this be difficult to navigate? Does it even translate online?

     I have had an 80 year olds in my courses. Enough said. And that is who I teach online :)

✅ What can I expect once I enroll?

     You will receive an email confirmation that will give you a log in and password to the member portal where the materials are located. You will also be asked to join the Facebook group to begin sharing in the community. If you have any troubles Team Nick is here for you during regular business hours [email protected]

✅ What is the guarantee/refund policy?

     There is a 30 day money back guarantee. You must show proof that you have put in the effort and the work. If you are constant course buyer but not really interested in doing the work. DO NOT purchase this one. 

Have a question you want answered before enrolling? Email Team Nick [email protected]

Ascend your life like it has for these students...

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Before working with Nick I was a whirling dervish of dynamic energy and creative chaos on the brink of complete self-destruction. My breath went from stuck and feeling like I couldn’t breathe with my brain racing to bringing me into a slower state of presence….relaxing my body and my mind. I am now living in the present state of being. Now, I can Think rationally, FEEL deeply, and SEE with bright clarity."

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Michael Scott

My doctor was astounded! One of the lung function test results for COPD is called FVC (Forced Vital Capacity). It is a measurement of lung size in liters and represents the volume of air in the lungs that can be exhaled following a deep inhalation. Anything at 50% or below is considered to be severe obstruction. In January my measure was 50. In July it was 72!  Another measure is MVV (Maximum Voluntary Venilation) which is the speed and efficiency of filling and emptying the lungs. Normal is 70 or above. In January my number was 61. July the measure was 90! What changed? I started using the basic pranayama techniques Nick taught me!

I'm offering you options to invest in yourself...






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For any questions or support contact Team Nick at CustomerService@thenickdemos.com

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Disclaimer: Nick Demos nor Nick Demos Media is in no way a physician and cannot guarantee results. Individual results vary including those from the testimonials on this site. The Pranayama Path does not provide any medical advice, treatment, or counseling/therapy services to the customer. It is not a substitute for medical advice. 

As the course works with the nervous system, only people with sound mental health who are confident that reviewing past and current events will not adversely impact their mental health should participate. Please do not participate if you or you have any past or existing concerns about your mental health. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.