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If you could authentically and effectively connect with your audience and present your offer so that your aligned customer says "I WANT THAT!"...

Would you finally be ready to show up exactly as yourself and share your story?

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No matter if you are a course creator, a coach or any other kind of heart-centered entrepreneur you, too, can connect to your audience and authentically convert them to customers.

Yes, entirely WITHOUT that icky “am I being salesy??” feeling.

Why? Because engaging storytelling is the most effective way to market a conscious business.

It starts with tapping into your wealth of stories within and having a framework to utilize both structure and your intuition. It energetically and viscerally connects you to your aligned customer through their senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, touch and sound. They feel they know you through your stories. It makes you- in this ever crowded landscape- memorable!

Maybe you know deep within your heart that you are called to guest on top rated podcasts, stand on stages, write a book and share your truth so you can help others. 

You've worked on your messaging. You've worked on your confidence. But story? That feels vulnerable and even scary. 

You may wonder, would people even care? What if I'm boring, or long winded? How do I know how to chose the "right" story?

Worst of all you just don't want to be one of those icky, fear mongering, old school, sleazy marketers selling from the stage.

I totally get it… 
I was sitting in front of my laptop teaching my first workshop. Ready to sell my first course, I suddenly became very nervous and started sweating profusely.

I knew I was great at serving the content but felt trepidation about the "pivot to the sell". The whole thing felt completely out of alignment and wrong. There had to be a more genuine way. I realized in that moment that what I had been taught by the marketing gurus wasn't enough. I needed to dive into what I KNEW BEST.

Here's the thing you need to know:

As a Tony-winning Broadway producer, documentary filmmaker and writer, I’ve been an extremely successful professional storyteller. I have worked with Broadway legends, Hollywood writers and literary greats. 

This is how I know not only the technique but the power and importance of effective storytelling. (And, a shift in the income associated with it.) 

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All of the greats in your niche are expert storytellers. 

These truly successful people are able to use stories to show their audience that they know what they’re going through, that they have been through it themselves, have struggled - and have triumphed. Their audience can see themselves in these stories and become inspired to take action!

It is paramount to your business and actually feels empowering, of service and dare I say, fun and easy! It can for you too.

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Brand Stories That Sell is a self-paced course that will give you all of the tools (and practice!) you need to attract your aligned audience and create compelling story content that has people clamoring to make purchases. This is the non-marketers marketing course!

7 Module Trainings to implement at your own pace!

🔹 Utilize exercises and tools to define your Aligned Customers and attract them through storytelling

🔹 Experience structure that actually works with the Brand Stories That Sell method that will simplify your marketing 

🔹 Master the effective use of storytelling in all copy that converts to sales 

🔹 Discover tools and techniques for live video storytelling to engage your audience

🔹 Tap into the energy of story specifically for social media

🔹 Uncover the blocks and internal stories that are holding you back from an abundant business

🔹 Create Your Higher Purpose ORIGIN STORY that actually leads to sales faster

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Artist and Coach

"After the training on going live, I went live for the first time and got 2 new clients! Two fantastic, great big money clients!!"

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Nick reached deep inside of me and pulled out the stories that already reside there. And he helped me lay those stories out in such a format that it allows people to see my journey and trust in my leadership without me feeling like I'm being gimmicky or that I'm putting any ick or slick into the marketing plan at all. I'm just telling my story. I'm just showing people how I got where I am and then I'm turning around and shining a light on the pathway for them to follow the same way forward.

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Book Writing Coach

Since the course ended, I signed 5 high paying, ghostwriting clients! Thanks to you, I'm going to have a super, super busy summer doing the thing that I love because you helped me shift into the next phase of my career. Thank you for this course!

This is what you'll receive once you enroll in Brand Stories That Sell:

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Utilize exercises and tools to define your Aligned Customers and attract them through storytelling.

🔹 Clarify your understanding of your Aligned Customers

🔹 Own your authority so your customers know you are their guide.

🔹 Create your "Elevator Pitch" Signature Story Statement


The real Brand Stories That Sell method that will easily and quickly breakdown storytelling structure and can be used in all of your stories.

🔹 Learn the history of stories in our culture and the relationship with marketing

🔹 Understand the structure of the "Hero's Journey" and how to use it in your storytelling

🔹 Master the Real Stories That Sell Framework - The only storytelling short cut you need

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Attain techniques and the basic principles of energetic storytelling to connect with your intuition and with your audience in a more joy filled way.

🔹 Tune into the energetics of storytelling

🔹 Examine the power of breath in story

🔹 Practice powerful visualizations, meditations and breathing practices to tune in and attract your customers

🔹 Use Storytelling Effectively on Social Media


Master usage of story in copy for marketing emails, blogs, and social media that will leverage your personal brand with integrity. 

🔹 Investigate the power of the hook

🔹 Dive into the key points that every successful piece of copy utilizes

🔹 Learn to effectively speak to the customer's transformation

🔹 Know the importance of the Call To Action and how to most effectively use it

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Using the core values of your business strategically create an authentic and engaging Origin Story that leads to sales.

🔹 Examine your business core values

🔹 Learn the structure of a powerful Origin Story that actually leads to sales

🔹 Craft your Higher Purpose Origin Story and how to strategically utilize it


Discover the tools and industry techniques for live video storytelling that not only engages your audience but converts to sales.

🔹 Master the Real Stories That Sell Live Video Storytelling Framework

🔹 Practice the art of live speaking

🔹 Learn easy camera and sound techniques and set ups

🔹 Gain mastery in controlling your nervous system

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You might be sitting there thinking, okay. How much?!

You can go to “biggies” who think of themselves as "gurus" in the online marketing space who will not, however, understand your values and the way you actually consciously do business. You can go on the internet and spend hours researching without context or coaching and end up spending more money in the long run because your money = time.

Or, you can make an investment in yourself and your business so you can help serve at the highest level and become a Thought Leader in your industry.

Others, have invested as much as $50,000 to work with me one-on-one, but  you can with Brand Stories That Sell you can start today for only $222!!


ADD the VIP Package!

If you want more guidance to help in the process of getting super clear on your story so you can be of most service, you have several opportunities.

You can work one-on-one with me as well!  I’ll be honest; I’m not cheap. Just like you my time is incredibly valuable.

Not everyone is in the financial position to afford one-on-one sessions which is exactly why I created the DIY program to get the same results with action at $222.

However, there may be a few of you that want to work one-on-one to enhance your experience. These one- on-ones will fine tune (or help create) your story brand and rapidly accelerate your business ascension. 

The Brand Stories That Sell VIP package includes two one-on-one coaching sessions for story and copy feedback!

The VIP Upgrade investment is $2222
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 There is a 60 day from purchase cancellation policy with proof of work. If the program isn’t the right fit for you cancel within the first 60 days for a FULL REFUND.

And most importantly...

You’ll learn practices to deepen your creative personal reserves and tap into the vast well of stories within. You have them in there. This course is going to unearth them! 

PLUS These 2 Amazing Bonuses!

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Bonus Bundle #1

The Starter Kit

Uncertain of your niche or how to position yourself? Or are you confused about how to bring together all your talents and gifts together? Perhaps you aren't sure if you are ready for Real Stories That Sell? Align Your Niche is a 2-part (6 hour) workshop that will help you align you, your talents and your clients.

Does the online marketing space lingo feel like a foreign language? Crack the code with the Glossary of Online Marketing Terms.

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Bonus #2

Abundance and Money Mindset Training

Uncover the blocks and internal "stories" that are holding you back from BEING the powerful Thought Leader your audience needs.

🔹 Define and manage your internal sales stories

🔹 Learn to embody a fixed vs. growth mindset

🔹 Rewrite your money story

So Let's Recap!

When you join Brand Stories That Sell You'll Receive:                                                  

7 Modules of Core Content  $999
The real Brand Stories That Sell Framework $999
PDF Workbooks, Meditations, and Energetic Support and Quarterly Coaching $500
A Facebook community for accountability and support Priceless!                                                                
Bonus Bundle #1: The Starter Kit  including Align Your Niche Workshop and the Glossary of Online Terms  $250
Bonus #2: Abundance and Selling Mindset Training  $500                   

Total Value: $3,248.00

Your Investment: 1 Installment of $222!

There is now a choice to be made.

The truth is that you can spend a ton of time and energy and find all the info on YouTube. But will you fully integrate? Will you have the support you need? 

Or, you can embody and master storytelling marketing and bring in sales reaching your customers and clients powerfully and effectively—and in a way that you will make you feel proud-when you invest in you and Brand Stories That Sell.

If you want to ascend your business and make a greater impact click the button. 👉🏼

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Have a question before enrolling in Real Stories That Sell?


I don’t have a business or audience yet is this program good for me?

     Absolutely. Students that do not yet have a business have found that it helps them figure out their messaging before they begin and for those that have multiple six figure businesses have found that it clarifies and redefines their stories. Basically this program work with you where you are at right now.

This seems overwhelming to me. Can I take my time with this?

     Yes. There is lifetime access to the materials.

I’m overwhelmed with technology. Will this be difficult to navigate?

     I have had an 80 year old in this course. Enough said :)

What can I expect once I enroll?

     You will receive an email confirmation that will give you a log in and password to the member portal where the materials are located. You will also be asked to join the Facebook group to begin sharing in the community. If you have any troubles Team Nick is here for you during regular business hours [email protected]

What is the guarantee/refund policy?

     There is a 60 day money back guarantee. You must show proof that you have put in the effort and the work. If you are constant course buyer but not really interested in doing the work. DO NOT purchase this one. 

Can my team go through this course with me?

     Absolutely and you have lifetime access!

Have a question you want answered before enrolling? Or want to hop on a call? Email Team Nick [email protected]

Ascend your business like it has for these graduates...

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Expert

“Nick guided me from an idea to fruition! I got exactly what I was looking for and then some!  If you are thinking of taking something in your head and making it lucrative, This is the program for you!"


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Akashic Records Business Coach

“I learned how to show up powerfully and with a purpose. There was a huge and immediate impact. I started seeing a lot more engagement across all forms: Email, newsletter, Instagram, Facebook. People started to comment and DM me and it became a lot more fun! I was no longer shouting into a void and THAT TRANSLATED INTO SALES!! I started to see a growth in revenue which means I actually get to help more people, and make the impact I’m called to do!”

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Meal Prep for Busy Moms

 “The experience has been incredible! I have an established business but I wanted to up level it and build repour with my audience faster, to connect with them deeper so they would trust me authentically. The answer was in this course. I went from writer's block and unable to really tell a story to having ideas flowing and creating relatable stories my audience can connect to”

I get that there is a lot out there that you “need” to know to market yourself effectively. But platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Google Plus, YouTube and Pinterest and even TikTok will all come and go.

What won’t change is the fundamentals of storytelling. People have been telling stories around a fire and persuading others with them since language began!

Stories are the foundation of ALL effective marketing efforts. Having a holistic system that not only works but feels heartfelt, sincere and honest has completely shifted my personal brand—and I want you to have the same system and success.

I'm offering you options to invest in yourself...

Single Installment



VIP Upgrade Option


Get Extra Support!

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For any questions or support contact Team Nick at [email protected]

Join us to become a powerful authentic storytelling marketer AND successful heart-centered entrepreneur!


As with any business program, your results may vary from the student testimonials provided. Individual results will vary based on related experience, effort, skills, etc. We cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. The most successful students put time, effort, and dedication into applying and implementing what they learned from Brand Stories That Sell.