Let Me Tell You A Story: Connecting with Ease

The ability to articulate your message through compelling stories has never been more valuable. Stories are at the heart of all human connection. They are truly as old as time and shape perceptions, stir emotions and prompt actions. Whether you're trying to build a brand, share your ideas, or inspire change, storytelling can be the difference between being heard and being truly unforgettable. 

✔️ Explore the Most Effective Storytelling Techniques: Understand the classic Hero’s Journey story telling arc so you can craft engaging narratives that truly resonate with your audience. Plus, determine what stories to use when to be most effective.

✔️ Enhance Your Storytelling Skills: Storytelling is an art, but it's also a skill that can be honed. Uncover practical tips and techniques to infuse your communication with storytelling magic and make your message resonate.

✔️ Practice Crafting and Delivering Compelling Narratives: Get hands-on experience in developing and presenting captivating stories that effectively convey your personal brand and message. Whether you're pitching a project, sharing your vision, or building your brand, you'll leave with a toolkit of narrative techniques to make your communication more impactful

✔️ Share Your Story Authentically: Embrace demonstrable storytelling skills to connect with your audience and for them to get to know, love and trust you faster.


➕ Creates messaging that connects your brand with your audience faster

➕ Improves communication skills

➕ Connects with your audience in a new, more meaningful way that leads to sales

➕ Promotes an environment of creativity and fosters innovative thinking


The breakthrough session Let Me Tell You a Story can be offered as a one hour keynote/ masterclass or a 3 hour intensive training. Both live and virtual options available.


The Creative Leap: Spark Your Innovation 

You'll embark on a transformative journey to explore the untapped power of creativity . Nick will share ancient wisdom, creativity techniques, practical tools, and inspiring stories that will empower you to think outside the box, to confidently collaborate, and step outside your comfort zone and into your vein of gold.

✔️ Unleash Your Creative Genius: Get practical strategies to tap into your innate creativity, overcome blocks, and attain the courage to unlock your unlimited creative potential.

✔️ Create a Culture of Creativity: Discover proven methods to create a safe space that encourages risk-taking, values vulnerability and connection, plus fosters innovation that facilitates incredible breakthroughs. 

✔️ Explore the Non-Linear Creative Process: Master the stages to creating that transforms Thought Leadership.

✔️Cultivate a Risk Mindset: Understand the power of taking creative risks and how changeability drives creativity. Nurture a growth mindset so you see challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation. 

✔️ Step into the Spotlight of Visibility: Learn the keys to sharing your creativity with authenticity to attract collaborators and enroll teammates.

✔️ Realize Extraordinary Success: Translate creative ideas into actionable strategies that create success. Turn inspiration into previously inconceivable results.


➕ Escalates innovation and out of the box thinking

➕ Creates cohesive teamwork increasing productivity with ease

➕ Empowers your team to deepen relationships with themselves, their clients and each other

➕ Promotes a new generation of embodied leadership


The Creative Leap is available as both a keynote and multiple creative and inspired workshops tailored to your needs. 

Your Keynote Speaker is...

Tony Award Winning Broadway Producer, Award winning filmmaker, and Story Coach Nick Demos connects with audiences by authentically and vulnerably sharing compelling stories. From challenging moments to phenomenal successes he offers teachings with truth and a keen sense of humor. He speaks for entrepreneurs, corporations and— despite being a highly sought after creative artist- has even been a speaker for financial advisors!

His work is in helping people tap into their innate creativity and share their stories so they can connect with their clients, customers, teammates and audiences.

True leadership relies on embracing and nurturing trust and being radically vulnerable. 

Right now is the time to empower your team to audaciously step into their authenticity, to open channels of communication, and to discover new realms of creativity!


"I was fortunate to have Nick speak as a guest expert. I was absolutely blown away by the mastery he has over his content and the presence of his energy. He creates a safe space for exploration and expansion. If you get the opportunity to work with him you will unquestionably leave better. "

Jen Casey
CEO Psyche

"Nick Demos has an uncanny way of unleashing one’s creative self. Whether through meditation or his well-thought-out exercises, I experienced a reawakening and transformation that was nothing short of cathartic."

John Patrick Patti
Winged Victory Films

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