Meet Nick


My journey has been a circuitous path.

A storyteller my entire life, my professional journey began as a musical theater performer then director and producer. However, my work was based in reaction to pain. Attempting to be the “best boy in the world” I was masking sexual trauma and abuse, and managing chronic physical issues.

At the supposed top of my game in 2010 while walking up to the stage to accept a Tony Award I had my “A ha!” moment; my life needed to change. This wasn't how I thought it was going to feel or BE.

While I had been a spiritual seeker and was teaching yoga on the side, it was never fully integrated into my life. Through a daily consistent practice given to me by my teacher, I began merging all of my creative energies towards actualization.

Now I work with heart centered entrepreneurs and help them connect to their absolute personal vibrancy and share their authentic, personal brand stories so they can connect with their audience, convert to sales, and create massive impact in their communities. 

"The experience has been incredible! I have an established business but I wanted to up level it and build repour with my audience faster, to connect with them deeper so they would trust me authentically. The answer was in Real Stories That Sell. I went from writer's block and unable to really tell a story to having ideas flowing and creating relatable stories my audience can connect to"

Allison Hollinger
Food Prep

"My entire life has changed for the better since I started coaching with Nick."

Vani Kovitch

"“Nick guided me from an idea to fruition is just 8 weeks! I got exactly what I was looking for and then some! If you are thinking of taking something in your head and making it lucrative, this is the program for you!""

Janessa Mondestin
Business for Yogis

"Nick urged me to authentically cultivate my inner Artist. Because of his support, I’ve started my own business and now I’m a personal chef. I could not have embraced this path without Nick’s guidance."

Shain Fike

"Over the course of three days with Nick I grew more than I had in months in other programs. I left that retreat with a sense of self, confidence, and most importantly a deeper sense of play. I began booking acting jobs almost immediately after, and I haven’t stopped booking since!"

Keith Hines

"Nick is super present. He is intuitive, clear and concise and speaks to my truth. When I work with him I always have these aha! moments where I’m like “oh, my gosh I din’t think of that in that way – mind blown!"

Vanessa Lauren Gamble
Film and TV actor

"Nick Demos is a gifted soul. He turns his mind and heart fruitfully in myriad directions. Deeply grounded in spiritual practice, he is an inspirational leader."

Julia Cameron
Author, The Artist’s Way

"Nick Demos has an uncanny way of unleashing one’s creative self. Whether through meditation or his well-thought-out exercises, I experienced a reawakening and transformation that was nothing short of cathartic."

John Patrick Patti
Winged Victory Films


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