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My mother will tell you I used to jump on the dining room table at 4 years old and excitedly recite all of the Grimm's Fairy Tales by heart. By my teens I was working professionally as a Broadway dancer, then director and producer and running a multi-million dollar entertainment company.  In an industry where only 2% worked this was seemingly a rich and fulfilling life.

My work, however was based in reaction to pain. Attempting to be the “best boy in the world” I was masking years of sexual trauma and abuse, and managing chronic physical issues. I was hiding behind achievement. 

In 2010 at the supposed top of my game while making my way up to the stage to accept a Tony Award I had my “A ha" moment.  After years and years of struggle and sacrifice was this how I wanted to feel? Neither excited or elated, I was numb.

And then the real work began.

Through therapy and a daily consistent practice given to me by my spiritual teacher I began merging all of my creative energies towards actualization. By sitting still, digging deep, and becoming REAL with myself my calling emerged. It required that I step outside of my comfort zone from behind the scenes and into the spotlight of service in storytelling. That big hearted little boy from the table was back!

Now I work with heart centered, online entrepreneurs and guide them to share their authentic, personal brand stories so they can connect with their audience, convert to sales, and create massive impact in their communities. 

"Having Nick Demos as my business coach has been an incredibly life changing experience. In our work together focusing on business transformation, his techniques have allowed my strengths to be realized, my journey to be appreciated, and my greater sense of purpose to be obtained.  Nick's grounded, clear and empathic approach to understanding my unique gifts, talents and abilities from a purpose driven perspective has resulted in optimal growth and heightened financial success.  He has such a gift for listening, holding space and mirroring one's truth.  I am forever grateful for Nick's enormous and impactful support over the past year and will carry on consulting with him as I continue to evolve. "

Elisa Malangone
Medium and Intuitive Coach

"I came to Nick to help with some creative blocks I was having when teaching. I have seen tremendous growth in the way I tune into myself and am able to work through and overcome challenges. I've earned 11x's what I thought was even possible! Nick has been a guide. Never giving me the answers, but rather showing me ways that bring me to realize them myself. Choosing this path has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made."

Megan Eaton
Owner, Find Your You

"Nick had me set my bucket list for the new year on our first session in January. In 2020, we were not only presented with unimaginable challenges but also forced to manage pain and brutal honesty within ourselves and with each other. In December when I looked back on that envisioned list that Nick made me write down; I was absolutely stunned. I had just crossed off the last item on that list created back in January. I know this was accomplished through what I learned and applied from my teacher and my most beloved friend, Nick Demos. "

Vani Kovitch
Actor- Writer- Comedian

"I can’t imagine surviving my very first digital course launch without Nick as my coach. From tech challenges to mindset pitfalls to finding my voice in the noisy online space, Nick had the grace and expertise to guide me through it all. His greatest skill is an uncanny ability to reframe my limiting beliefs and help me use them as assets for connection and purpose-driven work. As an artist turned soul-based entrepreneur, I feel like I can share my story fearlessly and confidently."

Robin Wilner
Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher

"Over the course of three days with Nick I grew more than I had in months in other programs. I left that retreat with a sense of self, confidence, and most importantly a deeper sense of play. I began booking acting jobs almost immediately after, and I haven’t stopped booking since!"

Keith Hines

"Nick Demos is a gifted soul. He turns his mind and heart fruitfully in myriad directions. Deeply grounded in spiritual practice, he is an inspirational leader."

Julia Cameron
Author, The Artist’s Way

"Nick Demos has an uncanny way of unleashing one’s creative self. Whether through meditation or his well-thought-out exercises, on that retreat I experienced a reawakening and transformation that was nothing short of cathartic."

John Patrick Patti
Winged Victory Films


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