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Have a creative project that needs story guidance? Nick Demos is an experienced story consultant who works with writers, directors and producers to develop compelling narratives and characters for Broadway, film and independent projects. With over 30 years in the entertainment industry, Nick has contributed his story expertise to numerous high-profile productions. Nick analyzes scripts and creative materials to assess character development, plot structure, theme and other narrative elements. He provides insightful feedback and suggestions to strengthen the story, make characters more dimensional, and improve the overall audience experience. Nick asks probing questions to understand the creator’s vision and goals for the project. As a former Artistic Director of Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma, professional actor, singer and dancer, and Tony Award winning Broadway Producer, Nick has an intimate understanding of how to develop compelling theatrical narratives and characters. Nick helps the writers shape the book and lyrics to craft a cohesive and engaging theatrical story. He also works with the director and producers to translate the narrative effectively from page to stage. Nick has consulted on both Off-Broadway and Broadway plays and musicals that have gone on to win Awards and critical acclaim. In film, Nick works closely with screenwriters and directors to develop authentic characters, compelling conflict and an immersive cinematic world. He analyzes scripts for pacing, structure, plot holes and clarity of vision. Nick has consulted on independent films, ranging from comedies to dramas to genre narratives. For independent projects, Nick works as a story consulting coach with emerging creatives to fully realize their artistic vision. He helps them refine their unique voice and style to resonate with audiences. With an intuitive understanding of story and a collaborative spirit, Nick helps writers and directors elevate the impact of their narratives. He is an invaluable partner in bringing inspiring stories to life on both virtual and live stages.


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