The two questions you should ask yourself before any business endeavor!

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2019

There are two questions you should ask yourself before you take on any business endeavor:

1. Why this? 2. Why now?

There is no wrong answer, just the one that is intuitively right for you. There might be several reasons to take something on: money, connections, a great passion. So sit and ask yourself the questions. If the answers resonate for you, go for it! However, if you are questioning your decisions you might be creating out of fear.

Many of us believe if we don’t take the first opportunity that appears another might not come our way. Or we are so desperate for money we will create something that will “sell” vs. something in which we have passion and belief.

As a theater producer these were ALWAYS the questions I’d be asking myself. Why this show and why now? As a creative entrepreneur I ponder if the time is right to create and launch something or if I’m merely feeling scarcity within. I have to dig deep. And so do you.

It is vital you know these answers. Are they in alignment with your mission, your core values, your truth? If they are not, no matter how frightening it may feel you MUST say no. But here’s the wondrous secret; The universe rewards alignment. Learning to say no is as important as knowing when to say yes. Trust your intuitive voice.

You may wonder how. The technique I utilize is pranayama. I spoke this week on the Mind Your Business Podcast all about this topic.

Take a listen HERE!

It is THE best tool I have found in my years of study to connect me with my highest truth. After listening to the podcast, give it a try HERE. My gift to you! Now is the time.






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