60. Sitting Still and Drinking Tea with Corrine Trang

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2022

Corinne Trang is an award-winning author, the founder of Liquid Gold Tea Culture and Education Center, and the Head of Operations and Business Development for LEVEL, a international business incubator in Sweden’s 3rd largest and fastest growing city, Malmö. Corinne has traveled the world, learning about cultures and taking these lessons, folding them into everyday life both at home and at work. Corinne wrote for publications such as Food & Wine, Health, Cooking Light, and Saveur, where she held the positions of test kitchen director and producing editor.
A certified yoga and holistic health and nutrition counselor, she has helped people deal with the challenges of life, organically. A multi-talented professional, she currently splits he time between the US and Sweden


In This Episode You'll Learn:

The importance of creating your own path

Why vulnerability and humility are so important when sharing your story

Why sitting still shifts your perspective

And, the spiritual practice of drinking tea



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